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We help you find the best offers for parts for your Hilux. Take a look at this TOYOTA HILUX 4WD LN KN KZN RZN VZN 1997-2005 FRONT BRAKE ROTORS-SLOTTED-289MM we found for sale online. Our site is loaded with sales like these and we're always adding more parts several times a day so be sure to bookmark us, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Check below to read more information about this great product for your Hilux.

Brand New Front Set of slotted performance rotors to suit TOYOTA HILUX 4WD LN KN KZN RZN VZN 14*, 15*, 16*, 17* series models *Excluding SURF*, years 8/1997-4/2005 Please check your diameter to ensure you are purchasing the correct.Comes with 20,000kms or 12 months warranty. These rotors are made of quality material and are quality controlled in Australia. Slotting is done in Australia by a professional, each rotor is cut to its specification to ensure max performance and wear. Front Rotors Diameter is 289mm-(1 Left, 1 Right) Each disc is directional and is marked left and right as they have directional slotting for air flow and maximum performance in emergency braking situations and come as pairsWe also sell ,matching brake pads and performance pads .These rotors are made from G3000 casting (or equivalent standard) which is the same as all other big name brands.It is machined to ADR standard and offers the same 20,000km/1 Year manufacturers warranty as all the big name rotors. Unlike some other brands, these rotors we supply offer Australian content of approximately 30% as all engineering and slotting is done in Australia. These are bolt on items that require no modifications as they are made to the OE standards.These rotors are direct replacements for the OEM Rotors, just remove your old rotors and pads and bolt these ones straight in without any extra modifications. Although we recommend a mechanic fits your rotors and pads, you will also receive a flyer with a step by step guide on how to remove your old rotors and replace them with the new ones. The main benefits of these parts are superior performance and improved looks. These slots have two benefits. Firstly, they lightly scrape the brake pad during use, preventing glazing of the pads, keeping performance at 100%. Secondly, they aid in dispersion of dirt and gasses emitted by the pads under hard use ("out-gassing"), keeping the pads in constant contact with the rotors. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. All rotors are slotted in Australia and slots/grooves are engineered to the specific rotor. All work is performed by a trade qualified CNC machinist. Compare our quality slotting in Australia with overseas 'engineers or machinist', we allow depth for the rotor to be machined, most rotors imported with slots, grooves or drilled(80% crack when heated then cooled instantly) are shallow slots and do not allow for the rotor to be machined with keeping the grooves/slots. Please note rotors are NOT warranted for any track use.

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