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Hilux RN105 RN106 RN110 11/1988 To 1997 Front Disc Brake Pads Bendix 4WD

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We help you find the best deals for parts for your Hilux. Check out the Hilux RN105 RN106 RN110 11/1988 To 1997 Front Disc Brake Pads Bendix 4WD we found available online. Our site is loaded with sales like these and we're always finding more stuff several times a day so be sure to bookmark us, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Check below to see all the details about this great product.

Hilux RN105 RN106 RN110 11/1988 to 1997 Front Disc Brake Pads Bendix 4WD Item Description Brand New Bendix Brake Pads To Suit Toyota HiLux RN105, RN106, RN110, RN130, 4WD Nov 1988 to 1997 Front Brake Pads Set Consists of 2 Pads 119 x 74 x 15 2 Pads 119 x 68 x 15 mm Bendix 4WD disc brake pads are designed for 4WDs and SUVs that drive on city, country and outback roads for general commuting and recreational purposeson road feel and off road tough. Bendix 4WD have been delivering superior and well-proven performance over many years. Bendix 4WD pads are purpose designed and manufactured using materials specific to applications, gasketed to make them quieter and they operate effectively at temperatures around 380ºC compared to the 260-280ºC range of lower priced general purpose pads. For every brake job you do, you can save 10 minutes of bedding-in time. Three brake jobs a day means 30 minutes a day or at least 2.5 hours a week. Thats more time to spend on other jobs and more money in your pocket. 4WD/SUV brake pads have exceptional fade resistance and offer extended life. They deliver a consistent pedal feel all day long. Wide coverage of references to suit 4WDs, SUVs and all wheel drive vehicles on road. Warning: All mechanical brake repairs on your vehicle's braking system should be carried out by qualified technicians. Care should be taken at all times when replacing brake components and servicing your braking system. AUTO PARTS SPECIALISTS .....QUALITY SPARE PARTS AT THE RIGHT PRICE $ From the Auto Parts Specialists, who really are Online Specialists in Automotive & Suspension Parts. We have been selling & exporting automotive & suspension parts, accessories, tools & equipment for over 13 years. A Sales Team that is proud to boast of over 90 years experience in the Automotive Industry. Proudly Australian owned & operated. Visit our Store or contact us for anymore information required on these products Email: sales@autopartsspecialists.com.au Located at 2/24 Huntington Place, Banyo Qld 4014 Buy with confidence when you shop at Auto Parts Specialists. If not satisfied with your purchase or a product, we offer a Full refund when goods are returned to our warehouse within a 30 day period from date of invoice (Goods must not have been fitted used or modified in any way and in a saleable condition). APS Terms and Conditions for Product Warranty All APS products are warranted under manufacturers warranty as follows Auto Parts Specialists guarantee their products to be free of Defects both from faulty workmanship & materials during the recommended service life. Defective product due to the above will be replaced. This warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, faulty installation, modification, accident or incorrect application. All damage must be assessed and certified by an independent automotive engineer or authority within the automotive industry. It is essential that all claims are reported to us before any dismantling or repairs are commenced. Any authorised repairs must be advised in writing by Auto Parts Specialists or their representative agent. This will only occur when an authorised inspection agent has inspected the faulty product and vehicle in question. Date of fitment & date of incident Full details of incident (Note Part is Faulty will not suffice) Proof of Purchase WILL Be required for any potential Warranty claim. APS will require and request to have product returned for inspection. A "Request for Warranty" form will be sent to Original purchaser and must be completed and attached to proof of purchase for any claim to be assessed. APS at its discretion will guarantee to the original purchaser to replace any Parts which are proven to be defective in material or as a result of faulty manufacture APS Warranty Exclusions Are As Follows: - 1. Parts fitted to vehicles which are NOT intended for the application. 2. Any modifications (including alterations) or repairs to the product or installation. 3. Product subject to accident or negligence 4. Any Parts Used for Racing Sports or Rally and not for what the product was designed or intended 5. Wear & tear

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